Our Top 4 American Vegetarian Association Approved Products!

Our Top 4 American Vegetarian Association Approved Products!

Posted by Katherine Dellinger & Len Torine on 27th Jul 2021

This week we had the wonderful opportunity of working with the American Vegetarian Association on reviewing many pieces of Swiss Diamond Cookware. We put the following products to the test!

HD Saucepan with Lid 7"
XD Casserole with Lid 9.5"
Hard Anodised Wok 32cm
DLX 24cm Pasta Set (multi pot)

First up was the XD Casserole with Lid!

Len Torine, executive director of the American Vegetarian Association says it’s “one of the most perfect, versatile, all-purpose multi-tasker I have ever used!”

He really put this product to the test! Read below!

“I didn't want to let this casserole off the hook easy, 'cause I figured it could take whatever I could dish out...and it sure did that!

I like to make 'Frittatas' because they're healthy, delicious, and you can use leftovers.

A Frittata is basically an unfolded omelette.

I don't think I ever made the same Frittata twice!

I warmed the casserole over a very low flame for a minute or two, and proceeded to heat a few tablespoons of water.

To this I added five cut-up mini sweet peppers, to soften. When the peppers were soft, and there was no more water, I added a tablespoon of good olive oil.

To this I added four fresh eggs and a pint of liquid egg whites, and stirred it with my non-metal spatula.

Waited for the eggs to firm up a bit, and added Old Bay Seasoning (to taste) and garlic powder, goat cheese crumbles, chopped spinach, frozen fire-roasted corn, and one cut ripe avocado.

I placed the cover back on, adjusted so just a little steam could escape.

This is a vegetarian recipe to which you could add a crumbled veggie burger, or non-veg' crispy bacon, or buffalo chicken pieces.

This is a very healthy dish, full of protein, fiber, potassium, essential nutrients, and veg' has zero cholesterol.

The Frittata heated evenly, cut perfectly with no egg sticking to the bottom or sides of the pan, and made very clean wedge cuts, easy to remove.

The two strong handles helped make the trip to the table quite securely.

Made a very impressive presentation, a 'WOW' moment, lifting the lid, with the steam wafting!

Can't wait to use it for other infinite great recipes!”

We agree that the XD Casserole with Lid is the perfect workhorse for healthy cooking! Anyone else ready to make a delicious Frittata? We sure are! 

Next Up is the Hard Anodized Wok, available on Amazon! 

"This wok is hefty, sturdy, and very well made. Filled with food, the two handles are very comfortable and keep the wok balanced to avoid spillage.

The wok heats quickly and evenly, using only low heat.

The flat bottom gives a very secure stove-top rocking!

We prepared one of our favorite dishes, Chinese Hot Pot, vegetarian-style with Napa cabbage, miso, bean sprouts, tofu, and long Udon noodles.

Put the lid on, and it steamed to perfection! The knob in the center of the lid can be adjusted to release some steam.

For our non-vegetarian friends, salmon, shrimp, and/or scallops would make for a very tasty special meal."

Next, Len reviewed the HD Saucepan with Lid!

"So we made a simple Chunky Marinara Sauce to put on the pasta we're going to make in the Pasta Set;

We washed the Sauce Pan with hot soapy water, and placed in over a very low flame, stove-top.

We put in one 15 ounce can of diced tomatoes, and a small can of tomato paste, stirring lightly with a non-metal whisk.

Added 8 ounces water, and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, dried chopped onions and ground garlic to taste, continued whisking.

Keep the sauce on a very low simmer to 'marry' all ingredients and flavors.

The addition of cooked ground turkey (or beef) would turn this into a very tasty 'Bolognese Sauce'.

You can also add chicken, salmon, or shrimp if desired.

Just like the other Swiss Diamond cookware, it cooks very evenly with a very low heat, no hot spots, or burning!

The handle stayed cool, and easy to manage while whisking.

The flat base rested perfectly on the stove-top grate, no wobble!

Tomato sauce occasionally will 'pop and bubble', and make a mess.

The vented lid handled that pesky issue with ease, adjusting to allow the steam to mess."

Speaking of steam, lets talk the DLX 3pc Pasta set! One of our best DLX Sellers, and for good reason! 

"This is one heavy restaurant-quality pasta pot!

The thick flat bottom boiled the water very quickly, easy to adjust on the stove with the double handles.

We put the pasta insert in, added the Mixed Penna pasta, (plain and whole wheat), place the lid on, adjusted for steam release to avoid any 'boil over'.....never happened.

Our delicious Chunky Marinara sauce was done about the same time as the pasta.

We dished all the food onto plates right from the pots.

A coupla' scoops of pasta, and the sauce right on top, sprinkle with grated pecorino romano. Excellent!"

One of the great features of this set is it's steam basket! AVA put it to the test with a delicious street corn recipe!

"We kept about 4-5 inches of the hot pasta water on the bottom of the pot.

Place the Steam Basket on top, and put in two ears of fresh corn.

Turning the heat up to a low boil, we watched the corn 'blossom', while steaming and returning to its full bright yellow color.

After 3-4 minutes, lifting with the steamer's handy wire lifting handles, we placed the steamed corn on a dish, and created our Mexican Street Corn.

We mixed 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, 4 tablespoons yogurt(or sour cream), 2 teaspoons lime juice, a few sprinkles of Old Bay, salt and pepper to taste.

Than we topped both ears with shredded Mexican Blend cheese, placed the corn back in the basket, with the lid on,

and watched the cheese melt, (like we were watching a cooking show!), than we removed the corn.

Authentic and delicious....and that basket is super-versatile for all vegetables..broccoli, carrots, cabbage, greens, you name it!

And this amazing basket works wonders to steam shrimp, shellfish, salmon and cod too.

And it cleans up so easily!

Not to worry, all Swiss Made products come with complete instructions on how get the most out of your cookware."

We are truly honored to have the AVA's Seal of Approval, and are excited to continue to strive for the standard of excellence that they, and you expect!

Want more recipes from the AVA? Let us know in the comments below!